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12.gif (21410 bytes)Established in 1991, Gina's B-B-Q is owned and operated by two sisters, Gina Song and Yong Hae Han. Ever since, Gina's has built a loyal following of customers from near and far.  We do our best to provide mouth-watering Korean food, and treat all of our customers as our family.

We provide generous portions of delicious food at a very reasonable price. Our typical plate lunch comes with a main entree, 4 choices of side dishes and 3 scoops of rice. This typical plate lunch will easily feed more than one person. 13.gif (24457 bytes)

We also serve a variety of other dishes from cold noodles (Bi Bim Kook Soo with or without Kimchee) to piping hot stews and soups which are very popular with local people.

For your special events big and small, we offer Family Pack which is very economical and tasty. The Family pack includes 6 BBQ Kalbi, 6 BBQ Chicken, 6 BBQ Beef, 12 Fried Mandoo, 12 Meat Jun, 10 scoops of rice with all the vegetables/salads (usually 9 items) and a  large drink! The Family Pack will easily feed 4-6 adults.

cover.gif (2655 bytes)If your needs are on a grander scale, we also cater parties, birthday celebrations, wedding receptions, tailgates or company picnics. We do them all! Just give us a call and we can help you to organize a menu to fit your needs. When it comes to food, we will cater to your every need.

So if you are hungry, don't feel like cooking, or just want to come see what all the buzz is about, come and stop by to get some GINA'S!

    SUN 10am - 10pm
    MON 10am - 10pm
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    WED 10am - 10pm
    THU 10am - 10pm
    FRI 10am - 10pm
    SAT 10am - 10pm

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Prices are subject to change without notice.
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